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These days, streaming is no longer what it used to be a few years back. Things have enormously evolved; watching online videos directly on TV is now possible. Among the few mobile applications that help to achieve such a feat is TV Tap. The success of that application is owned by its mode of operation. Well, let’s discover it instead!

About TVTap

Allowing you to watch your favourite shows on both public and private TV channels while you are moving around is what TVTap doesIn other words, that Android application is specifically designed to allow you to access your TV channels from your smartphone.

To make that technological feat possible, it assembles an incredible number of television channels that you will be able to access on its platform as soon as you download it. There are many characteristics of TVTap that should be discovered.

High Level Compatibility

The TVTap application enjoys high-level hardware compatibility, and as an Android application, it has been specially designed for smartphones that operate with an Android system.

However, given the purpose of the application, the editor decided to enlarge the fields of possibilities related to its compatibility and allowed it to be fit for use on PC, Mac and TV.

An intuitive interface

In response to that diversity of device support, the editor of the application gave it a very intuitive interface. While variety in device support matters for many, it is justified by the plurality of contents each user can enjoy while using the application. In that way, irrespective of your level, whether you are an expert or a beginner, you will easily find your way on the platform.

The intuitiveness of TVTap is also due to the plurality of languages ​​available on the platform. In addition to French and English, TVTap is available in other languages ​​, such as Spanish, German, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, and Italian, to name a few. The purpose is to enable easy immersion, notwithstanding the language you speak.

A Diversity of Contents

The other thing that makes that application one of the most appreciated is the diversity of content that can be viewed from its interface. Indeed, TVTap assembles an impressive number of television channels on its interface, with a variety of topics.

Thus, you will find channels specifically dedicated to cinema, whether action movies, thrillers, dramas, comedies, cartoons or horror movies.

Similarly, you will access special channels dedicated to documentaries on technology, crimes, social events, political news or investigations.

Men will undoubtedly love having more accessible access to all sports channels, whether football matches broadcasting channels, all types of competitions included, basketball games broadcasting or even heavy wrestling or box matches broadcasting channels.

As you can see, there are many channels. Moreover, the editor of the application had an excellent idea to classify each track into a category to help the user find his way and not get confused in that great stream of possibilities.

TVTAP Features

Here, we mean by features the different levels of TVTap compatibility. Besides its compatibility with the Android system, the mobile application can also be used on other devices.

TVTap for PC and Mac

You can also use this application on your PC or your Mac. Just follow the proper procedure to download and install. In that case, the use of TVTap on PC and Mac is made possible through an Android emulator for PC and Mac. The application is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

TVTap for TV

TVTap can be used to watch videos on your TV. That is possible thanks to one of the application’s many features, namely Chromecast. Whether you have subscribed to the TVTap paid version or are content with the free version is available.

This implies a paid version in addition to the free version, and it becomes necessary to differentiate between free and paid versions.

TVTap: free or paid?

Like any Android app that allows access to online TV channels, TVTap is first and foremost available in a free version, accessible to everyone. That free version offers just what you need to get the basics in online streaming. The only challenge with the free version is that access to the channels available on the application is limited.

It is to break that barrier that there is also a VIP TVTap version. It stands as a premium version of the application. Compared to the free version, the paid version has quite exciting advantages.

Video’s Downloading

The first is about viewing and downloading any content you appreciate and wish to watch again. Of course, that will not be possible if you stick to the free version. With such a feature, you will miss no moment of a match or your favorite show, especially if you happen to be busy at the broadcast time. 

Blocking Adds

The other advantage of the VIP version is the limitation of advertisement broadcasting which, in most cases, disturbs the pleasure of viewing online videos. By subscribing to a paid version, you will access features that will allow you not to be bothered by such kinds of ad content.

How to install Tv Tap

The installation of TVTap follows a specific process and requires some preventive measures.

Finding the Correct Version of the APK File

One of the first preventive measures to take when installing that application on your smartphone, your PC or your Mac is to find the correct version. Generally, it will be the most recent version.

However, as far as compatibility is concerned, it will largely depend on your device’s operating system. Therefore, you will have to settle for an older version if it is incompatible with the latest version. In all cases, installing the application will not be possible without a compatible version.

Downloading From a Reliable Source

This measure is essential if you want to download and install the TVTap application. That is mainly because this Android app is unavailable in the App Store or Google Play Store.

Make sure you don’t mistakenly download this application’s APK file from any source. In such a case, you might end up with a corrupted file.

To download the correct file on a safe site, you must access the editor’s site and click on the download for Android button if you are installing it on your smartphone.

If you want to install it on a PC or a Mac, you must choose the download for PC or download for Mac buttons.

Using an Android Emulator for PC and Mac

In essence, a mobile application is designed specifically for mobile phones. For example, to use it on devices such as PC or Mac, you will need to use an Android emulator for PC and Mac.

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The emulator’s download should come before the application since the latter’s launch could only be made via the emulator.

Following the Steps

When you have complied with all the steps mentioned earlier, you must download and install TVTap. On smartphones, the installation is done automatically, and you can access the various contents via the TVTap icon.

To install on a Mac or a PC, click on the icon of the application so that your emulator can carry out the completion of the installation. Once that is done, you will be able to access the contents from the emulator.

Our Opinion | Review

In all respects, TVTap assembles the essential features peculiar to an Android application of its ilk. Positive points include the fluidity of the interface, which allows any user to find his way quickly, irrespective of his level of computer knowledge.

There is also the versatility of this application which is compatible with a plurality of operating systems and hardware and is available in several languages.

Finally, the diversity of the features that TV Tap possesses, especially in its VIP version, makes it one of the most appreciated by users. 

How to Update TvTap APP?

Once you have installed the app you can start using it straightaway. However, developers keep updating the app from time to time in order to offer better services. Unlike the apps downloaded from App Store, this app doesn’t update automatically even over Wi-Fi. You will need to update it manually.

Thankfully, unlike the other third-party apps, you don’t have to uninstall the app first and install the latest version from the scratch. The app will send the push notification regarding the update.

When you see the ‘Update Available’ prompt you will have three options:

  1. Exit: Update will not be installed.
  2. Download: You can download the update and install it later.
  3. Update Now: Install the update right away.

Make sure you grant the app all the permissions when prompted during the update process.

FAQ’s | Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is TVTap?

  • TVTap is an application that helps to access TV channels from connected devices such as smartphones, Mac or PC.
  • Is the TVTap application free?

  • TVTap is free, even if it must be admitted that the features of that version as much as the access to specific contents are limited. With a paid VIP version, however, it is possible to enjoy unlimited access.
  • How do you install TVTap on PC and Mac?

  • You must first download the PC or Mac versions of the application from the editor’s website. All the same, the installation of an Android emulator for PC and Mac is a prerequisite. You will then have to launch the application from its APK file on the emulator’s interface to complete the installation and start using it.
  • What is an Android emulator?

  • It is software that helps you to run and use applications primarily designed for smartphones on a computer or a Mac.
  • Is TVTap restricted?

  • To date, no restrictions related to the use of TVTap are known. You can use it from anywhere worldwide and launch as many times as you wish.

Final Words

TAPTV is easily one of the finest live TV apps you will find for Android these days. This app works on a wide range of devices and firmware versions. It brings to you top satellite channels from all over the world in various languages and categories. And, you don’t have to pay anything to watch even the premium channels.